B2B Technology Sales Consulting

IT Company increases client spend by 350% in 12 months using unique B2B Technology sales strategies.

“Working with Maggie, I have always been incredibly impressed by her professionalism, determination and ability to get to the heart of our customers issue when in a sales situation. This approach resonates strongly with c-level audiences and has no doubt been the secret of her success. When working with customers, Maggie’s focus on developing and jointly delivering winning strategies using a programmatic approach to deliver substantial return on investment sets her apart from others in her position. Maggie is an asset to any customer and a true partner in delivering tangible results.” – Top GTM Expert, Global No. 1 Analyst firm 


The challenge and brief

For businesses looking to stay ahead of the profitability curve, addressing unknown issues around the changing buyer and implications for B2B technology sales management is always a challenge.

The company was experiencing decreasing client spend within a portfolio of software vendor clients. Although sales revenue has grown in the past, it has been declining steadily over the last 5 years (despite additional resources, incentives and training being provided).

Internal discussions and historical data all pointed to the fact that this portfolio of clients was unlikely to spend more than £16K – £35K per year; for their services.

Meres Consult Ltd was brought in as growth and B2B technology sales experts to validate existing assumptions and advise on alternative ways to increase sales revenue.

The results

We got to the bottom of the problem by carefully analysing key accounts and earmarking the right ones for expansion; using tried and tested account planning and client journey mapping tools. Sales leaders and teams were mentored around deeper client relationship building; combining learned skills and innate abilities. Online and offline strategies with execution plans were then established with both internal and external buy-in.

Applying Meres Consult’s Human-Centred Selling methodology, which works well in most B2B technology sales organisations was key in achieving very tangible results for this company.

Within 12 months:

– 80% of clients renewed at 100% growth

– 63% of B2B accounts had additional buying centres

– one client increased spend from £35K to £125K (350% growth)

Meres Consult was approached after 6 months to work with specific teams on prospect and client journey mapping for converting for upsell and cross-sell opportunities.